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Project64 1.6

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Relive the golden ages of Nintendo in your PC.

Project64 1.6 - Download 1.6

Download Project64 1.6

3.67 MB
Free (GPL)
Minimum requirements:
- Intel Pentium III 700 MHz or AMD Athlon 800 MHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 200 MB of free disk space for installation and 20 to 100 MB free for each game
- Windows 98, XP
- DirectX 8.0
- DirectX 7.0 compatible graphics and sound cards.

Over time the technology changes and adapts to new times, sometimes leaving out little things that we adored as children. Games are not exempt from change, new we have next generation consoles and breath-taking graphics, though sometimes we long for the simplicity and fun that the first console of our childhood gave us.

Thanks to the devotion of a group of programmers, Project64 is here to bring back the emotion of those first games we had at our disposal, those of the Nintendo 64.

While the pack that contains the executable file does not contain the necessary files for the games, in the author's website we will find instructions on how to get, download and install them.

The installation program is very simple, as is its interface, yet it allows us to configure all the necessary elements to get the most from this experience.

The minimum requirements a PC will allow us to enjoy most of the games, but one must always take into account the great variety of games available and their own needs, therefore, possibly with a better hardware may give us a better experience.

Prepare to remember your childhood in the best possibe way with Project64!
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